Hello, my name is Christian and I have lived in Gloucestershire all my life.
Whilst studying in Gloucester, I have discovered the beauty and history of the City.
As a wheelchair user, I have been impressed by the accessibility of the City. I have visited many places across the world, and my family and I have to research the simplest things before we can visit, such as whether I can get into the building and if they have suitable disability facilities.
I thought about the things that would be most useful to me when visiting a City, and decided to create an accessible tour guide for Gloucester. For the guide I would also like to include all disabilities from all walks of life, these are to include The deaf, the visually impaired and Autism.
Throughout the brochure I will be sharing with you the places I most recommend and the accessibility score, I will also be doing a food rating a participating restaurants.
I will be visiting each place and will give you a personal view and commentary.
If you are planning a visit to Gloucester, I will give you my personal recommendations of places you must visit. I hope you find this useful and enjoy your visit to Gloucester.