Harvester – The Priory, St Oswalds

22nd August 2017

Parking and access

There are three large disabled parking spaces close to the entrance of the building and there is a flat entrance leading in with a large double door.

There are also some outside benches suitable for a wheelchair user if you wanted to sit outside for a drink.

I received good customer service throughout my visit; I was shown quickly to my table where they had already removed a chair so I could fit my wheelchair underneath straight away. My waiter Chris was very friendly and helpful and answered all of my questions and requirements.

They had taken the time to choose my table which was close to everything I needed e.g toilets, salad bar and drink refill station.


There is one disabled toilet at the back of the building which requires a RADAR key. There is enough room within the toilet for a wheelchair to turn around safely and there is also enough room for a family member or PA to assist the wheelchair user.

The toilet has handrails for both transfer sides, the sink, hand dryer and toilet paper dispenser are all accessible for a wheelchair user.

The toilets are nice and clean and safe to use and also the lighting is nice and bright.


The restaurant serves breakfast from 9.00am – 11.30am and normal menu from 11.30am – 22.00pm. They have a large selection on the menu and the food was served quickly.

The restaurant has an open plan seating area but there are also quiet booths. The menus were nice and light, they used to offer larger print and braille menus with the old menu but since printing the new menu they no longer offer this but they are looking into it.

If a customer requires their food to be liquidised they will do this for you however, you need to bring in your own liquidiser. They will also let you bring in your own food if you require it to be liquidised. They often have groups of people come in from the local care home whom they do this for.

They allow guide dogs into the building and there was also some quiet music playing in the background.


Myself and my PA both tried a dish from the menu. I had the Harvester 83 combo which was half a rotisserie chicken and half a rack of BBQ ribs, my PA had the spicy chicken and chorizo stack.

Overall I thought the food was outstanding it gave me the taste and flavour of a traditional English pub classic with every mouthful so therefore I give the food a rating of 5 out of 5.

Accessibility Rating


Food Rating




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