Gloucester Train Station

2nd August 2017

My overall experience of traveling from Gloucester train station was a good experience accessibility wise. The station master Mike was helpful from start to finish and advised me how I could contact the assisted travel helpline. The station and trains are kept clean, tidy and safe to ensure a pleasant journey.


I called the assisted travel helpline a few days ahead of my journey to inform them of my requirements.

Once I got to the station I informed the station master of my arrival, who advised me which platform my train was departing from. As the train was arriving the station guard approached me to assist me, he laid out the ramp and helped me on the train safely. There was a designated area for wheelchair users on the train to sit comfortably. I received the same good service when exiting the train at the other end.

There are four disabled parking spaces, however the parking and entrance leading up to the station are the biggest downfall as the disabled parking is located on the far side of the car park and you have to cross the busy and uneven car park with no walkway.

There are two large wide automatic doors leading into the station with a flat entrance. There was an easy access low reception point where I was able to purchase my train ticket easily. There was a large electronic ticketed gate for an electric or manual wheelchair to fit through.

There was a lift to all platforms; it was large enough for me and my PA and to turn around safely. The buttons for the lift are all at a height that I could reach in my wheelchair. There was a speaker inside and outside the lift to notify you of the doors opening and closing and the lift going up or down. Exiting the lift leads you to a wide footbridge which leads you over the train lines safely to the other platforms.

All walkways are wide and there are also easy access indoor waiting rooms.

With the loud noise of passing trains this may not be suitable for people that don’t like loud noises.


There were two disabled toilets one located in the male toilets and one in the female, although the facilities in both were good this was not ideal as my female PA had to enter the male toilets to assist me.

There are handrails for both transfer sides. The sink and soap dispenser are both accessible for a wheelchair user, however the hand dryer was too high.

There was a workable lock on the door and didn’t require a RADAR key, there was good lighting and they were clean and safe to use.


There was a small café serving hot and cold drinks and sandwiches this was located just inside the entrance to the station, with two large accessible double doors and there were small round tables suitable for a wheelchair user.

There were no menus as such therefore no larger print or braille menus.

Accessibility Rating




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