The Dick Whittington

9.6.17 I visited the Dick Whittington.

There is disabled parking located in the Westgate Street Car and Coach park.

The pub actually has no accessible entrance. They do have portable ramps to use on the front entrance steps. However these are no good for anyone in a heavy wheelchair.

We did attempt to use them to get into the building, but they wouldn’t take the weight of my wheelchair.

The staff members were all very kind, helpful and friendly.

Also unfortunately there are no disabled toilets within the building.

To be able to eat we sat in the pubs beer garden. There are a few tables outside that are wheelchair accessible. You do have to order your food from the bar, so will need someone who is able bodied to do so.


Myself and PA both tried a dish from the menu, I tried Southern Fried Chicken Wrap and my PA tried the Vegetable Lasagne.

Overall I thought the food was amazing every bite of my wrap gave me the sweet taste and flavour of another traditional English pub classic. So therefore I give the food a rating of 5 out of 5.

Food Rating


Accessibility Rating




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