7.6.17, I visited Hedley’s Café.

There is disabled parking located at Westgate Street Car and Coach Park.

There is a flat entrance leading into the venue with a large accessible singe door.


All the staff members were very helpful friendly and well mannered.

Nicola took the time out of her day to answer our questions.


There are disabled toilets located at the back of the back of the building. These toilets are accessible for wheelchair users.

It is not large enough for a wheelchair to turn around in safely but there is room for a family member or PA to assist a wheelchair user. It was quite a tight squeeze and a little hard work to use the toilet, due to the space.

The toilet has handrails for both transfer sides. The sink, paper towel dispenser and toilet paper dispenser are all accessible for wheelchair users.

The toilet doesn’t require a RADAR key but does have a workable lock on the door.

The lighting is nice and bright the toilets are nice and clean and safe to use.


The coffee shop is accessible for wheelchair users, there is plenty of seating inside for wheelchair users and also tables outside the front qhich are also accessible.



They currently don’t offer a larger print menu or a braille menu for the visually impaired or a hearing loop for the deaf, but this is something they are looking into.

The current menu is on a clipboard so a little heavy and awkward to hold.

There is a large chalk board above the till stating which coffees they offer. This is nice and large and easy to see.

The coffee shop lighting is nice and bright and they also allow guide dogs into the building.

Accessibility Rating




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