Gloucester Cathedral

2.6.17, I visited Gloucester Cathedral.

There is disabled parking located at the Westgate Car and Coach park.

There is a long cobbled road leading up to the entrance of the venue.


Parts of this can be very uncomfortable if you are in a wheelchair.


At the moment the Cathedral is undergoing some construction work, this is to make the venue more accessible in the future.


Once inside the Cathedral the space very large and open and accessible to anybody who is in a wheelchair.



Once you enter the Nave you can turn right and go down the South Aisle, this will lead you up to a ramp which will take you further into the South Transept. This is as far as you can go with being in a wheelchair.

If you go along the North Aisle there is another ramp leading to the North Transept.

There is currently construction work going on in the North Transept, they are putting in an accessible lift which will make the rest of the Cathedral more accessible.


The inside corridors go around in a square and each area of this is completely accessible.

These are called the West Walk, East Walk, North Walk and South Walk. Please be aware that the lighting can be quite dim.

From the East Walk you are able to get outside into the gardens, these are called Cloister Garth.

These are accessible for wheelchair users however, I didn’t get the chance to go outside due to the weather.


The coffee shop and toilets are located to the left hand side in the first corridor.


The disabled toilet is on the left hand side it is accessible for wheelchair users, it is not quite large enough for a wheelchair to turn around safely however, there is space for a PA or family member to assist a wheelchair user.

The toilet has handrails for both transfer sides. The sink, hand dryer and toilet paper dispenser are all accessible for wheelchair users.

The toilet doesn’t require a RADAR key but does have a workable lock on the door.

The lighting is nice and bright, the toilets are nice and clean and safe to use.

There is a lift which will take you down to coffee shop; this is a single lift only large enough for the wheelchair user.

There are easy to reach buttons on the inside of the lift, which the wheelchair can operate themselves. Or there are buttons on the upstairs and downstairs for a PA or family member to operate the lift.

Once down and out of the lift you follow the corridor along to find the coffee shop.

There is an outside seating area however, this has step so no good for somebody in an electric wheelchair.



The café has plenty of seating which is accessible for wheelchair users, the café offers teas coffee and a selection of cakes.

Accessibility Rating





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