TGI Fridays

27.01.2017 I visited TGI Fridays at the Gloucester Quays.

There is a flat entrance leading into the building. There is a large double automatic door on the outside, and a single door on the inside.

A member of the team ,Steve, made sure we were well looked after. All the staff were very helpful, friendly and made our visit very enjoyable.


There is a disabled toilet located at the back of the building. These toilets are accessible for wheelchair users. They are not large enough for a wheelchair to turn around in safely but there is enough room for a PA or family member to assist a wheelchair user. The toilet has a handrail for both transfer sides. The sink and hand dryer are accessible for wheelchair users. The door requires a RADAR key and has a workable lock on the door. There is enough lighting and the toilets are safe to use.


They serve food Sunday to Thursday 11.00am-10.30pm and Friday to Saturday until 11.00pm

The restaurant is accessible for wheelchair users; there is plenty of room and plenty of tables. They offer a larger menu for the visually impaired and also a braille menu. The seating plan is open with a couple of quiet corners although there is loud music playing in the restaurant which adds to the lively atmosphere!



The food was served very quickly. I tried the Chicken Fingers and my PA tried the Bruce Lee burger, we both really enjoyed it and I give the food a rating of 5 out of 5.


Accessibility Rating






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